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If you think back much further to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, naruto 665 you see that Zetsu is overseeing the battle in almost the same location. The existence of a Zetsu Prime, would probably be something I could live with provided it shed light on the fate of the elder and younger sons.


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


She was exceptional, special, and she managed one, and weakened struggled with just one. Madara is attempting nine, plus the counter effect of two jins. The task is obviously far more difficult. And Kushina showed that a break in focus was enough for her control to waver. Akatsuki did however utilise the Mazo, and it’s simply an obvious comparison. I consider it even more relevant than Kushina’s efforts considering the tools utilised, and then there is also Obito’ struggles. These things together would indicate that dragging in nine bijuu isn’t something you can casually pull off while fighting off others.
Those aren’t abilities or techniques, that’s a difference in form. You stated that an advancement in Susanoo provides new abilities, yet there is nothing to suggest that is the case. As for Madara’s techniques, it has commonly been assumed that his meteor was related to his Rinnegan, there are obvious similarities with Chibaku tensei. Furthermore, using seals with the Susanoo doesn’t indicate it’s an ability gained through Susanoo, and even further along, it doesn’t support in any way the argument that an advancement in Susanoo provides new abilities. It was utilised in a lesser form of Susanoo to start with. Do you have anything whatsoever to support the argument that Tengai Shinsei is an ability gained through the advancement of Susanoo?And how was Madara going to control him? There isn’t any evidence that he could’ve managed such a thing. And the manga indicates that Madara was the one that activated it, really? Despite there being a split screen, Zetsu making the handseal, and Obito, controlled by Zetsu, being instrumental and absolutely necessary. Distance, the reference to distance comes when I’ve begun to address Sai’s sealing attempt. I mean it’s right there in the sentence. There is a single panel between the seal locking on and Madara being revived, just one. So everyone is completely clueless, and you with your complete lack of support or evidence have managed to sort everything out.

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